Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Seasons Greetings for 2014

Seasons Greetings for 2014
Excitement is in the Air for 2015

At least at our Honey Bee rescue mission, we have our web site up and taking orders, actually went up in late July but since then we have added more content.  Besides bee keeping and Bee removal I also the Webmaster, and S.E.O. tech for our web site.  Our web ranking is improving weekly and we are making sales. Amazing to think how far we have come in less than 12 months.

 By the way we will have a few hundred 3 Lb Bee Packages for sale this spring as well as queens and some Hive equipment, sorry were not doing any mail order with bees. However we will have pickup points in central New Mexico for our package bees in early Spring 2015.

Please Visit our AntiguasDelNorte's Honey Bee Sales Page
                Or our Store Front at;  Antiguas Del Norte Honey Bee Farm Store

We have an Upcoming Event, We are planning an "Offical Web Site Online Launch Party" for February 2015, we will have Free Gifts that visitors can win in our scavenger hunt by finding clues thru-ought our web properties directing them to the digital treasure codes that can win them a free prize or discount coupon code from our store. Even though our web site is fully operational we are adding more content and information for our customers and visitors, and in the next few months we will be loaded with News, Educational Information, Free Downloads and awesome advertiser deals as well as bee keeping supplies that can be picked up in our local area. We have identified some really great deals on Bee keeping equipment with our advertising partners E-Bay, Amazon and Click Bank, please check out our ads and support our efforts by purchasing those items you are in search of thru our links.

On the Bee side in early December 2014, we traveled south of our farm to the Historic community of La Joya, New Mexico, this area was named by Don Juan de Onate in 1596 and was originally known as La Joya de La Sevilleta in honor of Seville Spain! Once I arrived we located the Hive that required some help, essentially the rescue involved protecting a hive that was exposed when part of a limb broke off exposing their colony to the elements, and making them a bit defensive.  I sealed off the entrance to prevent water from entering, leaving them a small entrance. They were unhappy and likely felt under attack at first, but settled down and seemed secure once they realized what had occurred.  I used an old cotton sheet, heavy duty yard bag, and duct tape to seal the gaping hole into their hive. I am hoping the effort will keep out the moisture and harsh winds until we can remove them in the spring.

Speaking of the Spring, I have several removals planned for the Spring of 2015, and many swarms traps to place near some large feral hives that I have located in homes, large trees, cinder block walls or concrete embankments.  Essentially these colonies are in areas where it would be very difficult to remove them without significant property damage or expense  If the weather does as I suspect with moderate to light moisture this winter, barring any big temperature drops, I anticipate a strong swarm season this spring and busy summer cutout season if our Spring is at all similar to 2014.

Our Goal for 2015 is to quadruple our paid removals, and to double the number of "Free" removals for people having financial hardship that cannot afford to pay. We also hope to triple or quadruple the number of swarms we collect, and to significantly increase our harvest of honey for 2015.

On the Honey side our "Special ESR Dark Amber Liquid Gold Honey" is really Special tasting and 98% sold out.  We also use it for facials, hair treatments and as an antibacterial treatment for small wounds.  Tests show that our New Mexico Honey is easily on Par with Manuka honey for its anti-oxidant qualities. Current research is being done to test the effectiveness of using the Honey from NM to treat MRSA infections.

"Your future is certainly Brighter when you use our Pure Honey"

"We help Honey Bees with People Problems"

Thank you for the visit,
Ray E,  Uno Antigua Del Norte


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