Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fall 2014 Activities

We left the Summer of 2014 feeling envigorated by all our activity served only as a catalyst for our entry into fall. This Fall we are flush with our spring business planning. Our Spring will be extremely busy, and if all goes as planned we will enter a testing phase of a new division to our Apiary Services and Products, we are excitedly looking forward to the delivery of equipment and the application of the the technology and production of a high quality product line??? watch for an update to in July 2015.

I will be continuing with the NM Beekeepers Association Certified Master Beekeeping Apprentice Program, and continuing as a mentor where needed as far as my volunteer work.

Our Apiary will be increasing in size and we be expanding our Honey Bee Removal service 2 to 3 fold.

On our production side we are gearing up for a muti-pronged approach which includes doubling or tripling the size of our apiary, re-planting our pasture into vegetable and nectar bearing crops, as well as improving our honey processing capacity from hundreds of pounds to thousands of pounds, while ramping up Pollen and propolis collection, and shifting from selling raw products like beeswax and propolisis into candle, lip balm, tinctures, facial creams etc.. sales. We will also be in full testing phase for the new Division to our Apiary product line ??? and we are brimming with excitement. .....Wow I just had to wipe my brow just thinking about what we have to get done next Spring, hey I'm not even eating our Hot New Mexico Chili.

Speaking about Chili I believe we are true Chili Capital of the United States with a fabulous Red chili that dates back hundreds if not thousands of years....

Some of our Red Chili reminds me of a Feral Honey Bees colony I once picked up, just a little too Hot!!!!

Were off to the Festival of the Cranes next week...we will post some pics.

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